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What is Lock Snapping?

This is a means of bypassing a doors security system to gain entry. Lock Snapping doesn't carry the same mystique as Lock Bumping but it is as equally effective.

The principle of lock snapping is an easy one. Apply enough force to the cylinder and it will break across it's weakest point. This is usually accomplished using a pair of mole grips, or a claw hammer, basically anything that can be used the physically grab the cylinder. Obviously Lock snapping leaves much more evidence of a break in than lock bumping, but ultimately the result is the same, an intruder is able to enter your home. In terms of time scale Lock Snapping is equally as quick as Bumping, taking only a few seconds to snap a cylinder.

As lock snapping targets only the cylinder, all the security measures you have on your door such as roller keeps, shoot-bolts, anti lift bars and dead-bolts are rendered ineffective because once the cylinder has been removed the locking mechanism can be operated using a small rod of metal or a screw driver.

Many companies have developed cylinders to combat Lock Bumping but very few have addressed Lock Snapping. Leaving a cylinder open to this exploit is unwise as many potential thieves are aware of the limitations of cylinders currently available on the market, and will exploit this at any and every opportunity.

As home owners we should make our homes resistant to both Bumping and Snapping, failure to combat both of these possible security breeches would be foolhardy as any potential thief could try either of these methods to gain access to your home.

Lock snapping doesn’t carry the same mystique as lock bumping but it is equally effective. Thieves can break into your home within a matter of seconds by simply applying enough force to the cylinder lock, usually with a pair of mole grippers or a claw hammer, and snapping it at its weakest point. Lock snapping obviously leaves much more evidence of a break in than lock bumping, but the result is the same an intruder is able to enter your home.

Yorkshire Evening Post
Ruthless Gang Burgle 38 Homes by Snapping Lock on uPVC Doors

Yorkshire Evening Post
Last Year 320 Homes in Kirklees have been targeted by thieves snapping Euro-profile style lock on uPVC doors

West Yorkshire Police
20% of house burglaries within the Kirklees Division have been committed by the offenders snapping the Euro-profile lock
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